customised solutions for our customers

  • FOOD SERVICE: We offer a complete range of pre-cooked frozen products, with various recipes and different formats to satisfy the multiple requests of this sector:
  • GDO: We offer our multi-year experience in choosing and managing products intended for bakeries;
  • INDUSTRY: constant quality, quick supply, highly customizable options are making our products increasingly popular in the vending channel, combined to high competitiveness, result of our core business consisting in Focaccias and Pizzas;
  • SECOND GENERATION BAKERIES: we offer franchising services with our CALDOFORNO line (
  • EXPORT: we offer custom solutions (recipes, services, formats) to meet the requests of various markets; this flexibility and availability are acknowledged by our importers and an increasing number of foreign structures are contacting us to purchase a product “MADE IN ITALY”, like focaccia, which is Francone's specialty.

research and development

We rely on staff dedicated to Research & Development, an essential area for Francone, in order to offer:
  • Always INNOVATIVE products
  • CONSULTING SERVICES to study the best solutions for different markets/ clients
  • We assist our clients in presenting and introducing products


The corporate philosophy is focused on efficient Customer Care. Deliveries are always prompt, on time, punctual and intact and represent our crown achievement.

We ensure utmost punctuality in executing the orders on the entire national territory thanks to our logistic operator based in Lombardy, where our completely automated warehouse is also located. Number 1 operator in distributing frozen product.

customer service

Total Customer satisfaction is important for us. Our Customer Service staff is qualified, professional and available to satisfy all Customer’s requests. This is the reason why we have become an asserted and esteemed enterprise.