Quality is a priority for us and represents a key criterion with which our product is appreciated every day by consumers.

The quality management system begins from selecting raw materials and suppliers, going through the production, preservation, packaging, transport, storage and sale processes.

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Francone, Company with UNI-EN ISO 9001 certified quality management system. The Company is certified according to the international standard concerning the quality management of corporate systems UNI EN ISO 9001, released by certifying body SGS (Certificate no. IT11/0087).

Francone S.r.l. has also obtained FSSC 22000 certification from certifying body SGS (certificate no. IT15/0829) which confirms the commitment and investments made to ensure, establish, monitor and check that good manufacturing practices are applied to all process phases, in compliance with Food Safety regulations to protect the consumers’ health and safety.

The Food Safety System Certification 22000 standard, recognised at international level and by GFSI, is an additional support for our customers in evaluating the quality of our products.


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Vegan OK trademark

Always careful to new market needs, Francone S.r.l. has obtained the authorisation to use the Vegan OK trademark on its VEGAN focaccia.

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All our products are FROZEN (-18°C).

Our frozen focaccias, pizzas and bread retain the quality characteristics of the fresh product, for the entire shelf-life.

This is possible thanks to our rigorously monitored freezing process. A process during which the pre-cooked product is brought to a minimum temperature of -18° C at the centre, within a short time.

Freezing is the best preservation process that retains the product qualities and integrity.  It is the most natural process, used since ancient times.

The client that completes the cooking process will obtain a fresh and crunchy product, as if just baked, within a short time.

Checks in the production chain

We guarantee tracking and traceability of all our products with checks in each production phase:
  • Incoming RAW MATERIALS: strict checks and subsequent recording and coding per lot;
  • The products are WEIGHED with electronic scales during all production phases and also finished products;
  • Checks with METAL DETECTOR
  • LABORATORY TESTS performed on a regular basis on the products to be placed on the market.