Sustainable development

Francone has always been committed to promoting ethically correct behavior to ensure maximum respect for the environment and towards its collaborators.
The efficiency in our production chain allows us to minimize waste and, thanks to the use of resources from renewable sources, we minimize the environmental impact.
We also have a great responsibility towards consumers, and for this reason we are proud to offer them our products of high quality, tasty and above all safe because they are subject to strict controls.

Investing in the territory and in the future

We believe it

Sustainability to the territory

Improving the well being at work.
Support and implement initiatives of collective interest outside the company, for the benefit of the productive fabric of the area in which we operate.
Increase safety levels within the company.

We are against waste

We limit energy consumption thanks to the renovation of high energy saving systems.
We reduce water consumption, thanks to innovative machinery.
We reduce the emission of transport by organizing full loads.