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Focaccia 100% Italiana

The new 100% ITALIAN LINE born from a company with a long Italian history. Made with selected ingredients only of Italian origin. Our philosophy is to promote Made in Italy, and only with an integrated operation will this be possible. Italian suppliers, carefully selected raw materials, the experience of an Italian company with a long history behind it, are the winning ingredients for a PREMIUM LINE!

Made with 100% Italian extra virgin olive oil, with flour obtained from grains grown in Italy and with Sicilian salt: a few simple ingredients to make a typical Italian product such as focaccia.

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Technical specifications

3-4 min
180 °C
Shelf life 18 months

Frozen pre-cooked bakery product  

All our products are FROZEN (-18°C).
Our frozen focaccia, pizza and bread retain the quality characteristics of the fresh product, for the entire shelf-life.
This is possible thanks to our rigorously monitored freezing process. A process during which the pre-cooked product is brought to a minimum temperature of -18° C at the centre, within a short time.

Freezing is the best preservation process that retains the product qualities and integrity. It is the most natural process, used since ancient times.
The client that completes the cooking process will obtain a fresh and crunchy product, as if just baked, within a short time.